Foreign Minister Steinmeier: Nobel Peace Prize Bolsters President Obama in his Policy

09.10.2009 - Press release

Responding to today’s announcement that the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to US President Barack Obama, Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued the following statement in Berlin:

”I am pleased that US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee’s decision is an important signal of support for the American President’s policy of cooperation.

Even before taking office, President Obama has striven tirelessly to help solve international problems and crises. I am convinced that his courageous policy of reaching out to others is the right path to break through hardened fronts in many conflicts and to promote peaceful cooperation among nations.

In particular with his vision of a world without nuclear weapons, he has given new momentum to international disarmament efforts. Today’s honour is an appeal to us all: Let us work with all our might to gradually make this vision a reality!“

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