Germany supports the IAEA in improving nuclear security with up to 10 million euro

08.09.2009 - Press release

Today, 8 September, the IAEA Board of Governors passed a Nuclear Security Plan (NSP) for the period from 2010 2013. With its NSP the IAEA aims to support member states in their efforts to secure nuclear material and radiological substances during use, transport and storage in the best way possible in order to prevent accidents and keep unauthorized third parties from gaining access. This includes, among other things, securing inadequately protected radiation sources and training public authorities (e.g. to carry out proper border controls).

In this field, the German Government is actively contributing to the IAEA’s work with its own programmes. At the IAEA in Vienna it called for strengthening legal instruments related to nuclear security, including the revised version of the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM).

The German Government informed the Board of Governors that it would make a voluntary grant of up to 10 million euro available to the IAEA by 2012 for the purpose of improving nuclear security. A considerable portion of the funds are to be used to secure inadequately protected radiation sources. The IAEA Board of Governors expressly welcomed the German Government’s announcement.

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