Minister of State Gloser welcomes launch of Desertec consortium to develop solar power in the Mediterranean

13.07.2009 - Press release

In connection with the launch of the Desertec consortium at the Münchener Rück headquarters in Munich, Minister of State for Europe Günter Gloser today (13 July) commented as follows:

“As an initiative launched under Union for the Mediterranean auspices, Desertec is for us a splendid example of how different policy goals can be served at one and the same time:

Firstly, energy security, as Desertec will mean greater regional diversification of our energy supplies. Secondly, climate protection, through increased use of renewable energies. In the countries of the southern Mediterranean large-scale investment and additional revenue from electricity exports will boost economic growth. Together with intra-regional dialogue, this has the potential to enhance political stability in the region.”

Desertec's aim is to construct solar thermal electric power plants in the Middle East and North Africa. Politically speaking, the initiative is part of the Solar Plan, a beacon project initiated by Germany within the Union for the Mediterranean.

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