Minister of State Gloser welcomes the inclusion of the Wadden Sea in the World Heritage List

26.06.2009 - Press release

Today (26 June), during its meeting in Seville, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to inscribe the Wadden Sea onto the World Heritage List. Germany and the Netherlands submitted a joint nomination for the site's inclusion.

The Minister of State for Europe, Günter Gloser, issued the following statement in Berlin on the Committee's decision:

“I am pleased that the Wadden Sea, a unique ecosystem, has today been inscribed onto the list of the world's cultural and natural heritage. This award is not only an important signal of recognition for the steps taken to date to protect the Wadden Sea, but also an encouragement for future German nominations.”

The Wadden Sea, at over 9500 square kilometres, is one of the world's largest wetlands and is known for its unique natural diversity, providing a home for around 10,000 animals, plants and micro-organisms.

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