German support for Iraqi reconciliation

07.03.2009 - Press release

The Federal Government is contributing 3 million euro to a UN project designed to foster dialogue and address unresolved conflicts between ethnic and religious groups in Iraq. An agreement to this effect was signed today (7 March) by representatives of the German Embassy in Baghdad and of the UN.

The Federal Foreign Office budget funds will be provided to the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) to enable it to fulfil its mandate laid down in UN Security Council Resolution 1770 of 2007, i.e. to advise the Iraqi government in solving the country's internal problems. UNAMI also gives the competent Ministry for National Dialogue in Baghdad training and equipment support.

This new project promotes dialogue and the training of political representatives and local NGOs committed to reconciliation in areas of Iraq subject to ethnic disputes, for example territories in northern Iraq claimed by Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen groups. These disputes also affect Christians and Yazidis living in these areas.

The Federal Government has therefore supported Iraq's progress towards peace and stability this year to the tune of around 12.8 million euro. The theme was already the focus of Federal Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier's mid-February visit to Iraq.

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