EU Project Day : Steinmeier to visit the Bertolt Brecht School in Berlin

06.03.2009 - Press release

On Germany's third EU Project Day held in schools across the country, Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will next Monday (9 March) visit the Bertolt Brecht School in Berlin-Spandau. The Minister will “give a class” on Europe, discussing European issues with senior grade pupils as well as visiting pupils from Lyzeum II in Kraków, Poland.

Steinmeier's visit will start with a short ceremony marking the launch of the partnership between the two schools. The Minister will present the Kraków school delegation with the official badge of the “Schools: Partners for the Future” initiative. With this the school will become part of a network of more than 1000 schools around the world that teach German. It is hoped these partner schools will give young people abroad access to the German language and education as well as stimulate their interest in Germany generally. Since 2008 over 500 schools have joined the initiative and are developing or expanding their German language programmes.

On EU Project Day government officials, politicians and representatives of European institutions visit schools all over Germany. Günter Gloser, the Minister of State for Europe, will also be visiting two schools in Nuremberg on 9 March.

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