Steinmeier to meet Belarusian Foreign Minister

10.02.2009 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will receive the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Sergei Martynov, for talks in the Federal Foreign Office on Wednesday (11 February). The talks will focus on relations between the European Union and Belarus, as well as current regional and international issues.

During their meeting, the Ministers will exchange Notes on an agreement concerning trips for recuperation by Belarusian children to Germany. In October 2008, the Republic of Belarus made further trips by “Chernobyl children” contingent upon the conclusion of bilateral agreements with host countries. Thanks to this agreement, it will once again be possible for Belarusian children to travel to Germany.

The Belarusian Government will also sign the statute establishing the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Germany is the depositary state of the IRENA Statute. IRENA was established on 26 January 2009, mainly at the initiative of the German Government, during a successful international conference in Bonn. Belarus will become the 76th member state of IRENA. Further information can be found at


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