Federal Government and non-governmental organizations confer on commitment in Afghanistan

25.01.2009 - Press release

Federal Government and non-governmental organizations confer on commitment in AfghanistanNon-governmental organizations render a considerable share of the reconstruction and aid services in Afghanistan. Within the framework of its commitment to Afghanistan, the Federal Government is also providing substantial resources to support the work of civil society organizations.

Accordingly, the Federal Government values the exchange of opinions with civil society very highly. On Monday, 26 January, Minister of State Gernot Erler will meet with representatives of non-governmental organizations currently working in Afghanistan (Association of German Development NGOs) at the Federal Foreign Office.

The aim of the consultations is an open exchange of information and opinions on current issues regarding the German mission in Afghanistan.Ahead of the meeting, Minister of State Erler issued the following statement in Berlin today (25 January):

“German engagement in Afghanistan remains an important component of our foreign and security policy. Despite all of the difficulties, one thing is clear: our measures for the stabilization and economic development of the country are yielding results. We are on the right track.

We have therefore agreed with the Afghan Government and our international partners that we will resolutely continue to pursue our common goals. An important intermediate objective is providing security so that the elections scheduled for this year run smoothly.

To achieve these aims we are working closely with non-governmental organizations. Through their great dedication, these organizations are making a decisive contribution to the reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan under difficult conditions.”

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