State Secretary and Special Envoy for International Climate Action Jennifer Morgan prior to her visit to Japan and China

17.06.2024 - Press release

Prior to departing for Japan and China, State Secretary and Special Envoy for International Climate Action Jennifer Morgan issued the following statement today (17 June 2024):

The impact of the climate crisis can be felt everywhere. Here in Germany and around the world, we are witnessing ever more extreme weather events. That makes it all the more important that we achieve progress on the global energy transition. Five months ahead of the COP29 Climate Change Conference in Baku, I am therefore travelling to Asia to strengthen our partnerships for an accelerated energy transition.

At the last Climate Change Conference, the world committed to transitioning away from fossil fuels, in particular with respect to coal. As G7 countries, Japan and Germany have a lead role to play in this regard. Both face similar challenges and opportunities as they proceed with the energy transition and as they transform their economies. One aim of my talks will be to find ways that we can cooperate even more closely on this issue.

The Climate and Transformation Dialogue with China was established during our most recent intergovernmental consultations. During the first plenary meeting, we now want to jointly see how we can accelerate the energy transition through concrete cooperation, especially at the level of the provinces and sectors, so that the 1.5 degree limit remains within reach. China is leading the way in developing renewable energies – while it is at the same time the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. China’s contribution will be decisive in our efforts to reach the Paris climate targets and prevent the most severe climate damage from occurring. I therefore also want to use my trip to hold talks about China’s new 2035 climate targets. Another important topic is climate finance. All national economies that bear a considerable part of the responsibility for the climate crisis must make an appropriate contribution.


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