Statement by Foreign Minister Baerbock on the situation in the Middle East

14.04.2024 - Press release

On 14 April, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock issued the following statement on the situation in the Middle East:

The Iranian regime has knowingly drawn the entire Middle East to the brink of an abyss. Last night, it fired more than 300 missiles, drones and cruise missiles at Israel.

We condemn Iran’s direct attack on Israel’s territory in the strongest terms. Israel has Germany’s full solidarity. I have just clearly reiterated this to my counterpart.

The regime in Iran had announced its intention to exact revenge for an airstrike in Damascus. Last night, Tehran almost plunged an entire region into chaos. Thanks to Israel’s effective air defence system and strong partners, the attack, apart from a few shells, was averted.

The worldwide condemnation and the crucial support of the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries in the region clearly show two things: Iran is alone with its aggressive conduct and its intention to destabilise an entire region. And Israel’s capacities have shown that it is strong. Israel can protect itself.

We call upon Iran to refrain from further attacks, including those via proxies. A regional conflagration would have incalculable consequences. None of the millions of men, women and children in Israel, Iran and the whole region who were too frightened to sleep last night want the situation to escalate.

I appeal to all stakeholders in the region to act level-headedly. The spiral of escalation must be broken. We need to work together to bring about an end to the violence.

I just chaired the meeting of the Federal Government’s crisis unit. We are observing the situation in the region very precisely and remain in close consultation with our various partners.

We are, of course, also discussing the question of what consequences could follow as a result of the Iranian attack.

With regard to our own citizens, I want to emphasise that in view of the tense situation in the region, I appeal to all Germans to take our travel warnings for this region very seriously. Thank you very much.


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