Statement by Foreign Minister Baerbock prior to her departure for the Weimar Triangle meeting

12.02.2024 - Press release

Prior to her departure for the Weimar Triangle meeting with her French and Polish counterparts in La Celle-Saint-Cloud near Paris, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock issued the following statement today (12 February):

Some 190 million people – nearly half of the population of the EU – live in the region that spans from Bordeaux to Bochum to Białystok. Europe’s cohesion is our life insurance; particularly at a time when Russia is taking aim at Europe’s peaceful order, crises are creating uncertainty around the world and Europe’s fundamental values are threatened by anti-democratic sentiment.

Today more than ever in its 30-year history, the Weimar Triangle can provide impetus and develop ideas for a strong, resilient Europe in turbulent times. Because our strength lies precisely in the fact that the people of France, Poland and Germany have different perspectives on our common Europe. And the people of Europe are right to expect us to use this to generate momentum.

There’s lots to do, so let’s get to work: we are working on how we can jointly provide even better support to Ukraine, because this strengthens our collective security. We are further developing the European project, so that it can weather storms and remain capable of action when it has 30 members or more. We are intensifying exchange and cohesion among our citizens. Because in Paris, Warsaw and Berlin, we share a deep conviction that European answers are better answers. That is part of our European DNA. And it is key for maintaining citizens’ confidence in Europe.

Together, we will continue to pool our creative power – for all of the people in Europe.


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