State Secretary and Special Envoy for International Climate Action Jennifer Morgan prior to her visit to Abu Dhabi

29.10.2023 - Press release

We have long been in the midst of the climate crisis. COP28 in Dubai is a crucial event – and an opportunity. It will determine whether we manage to correct course and get the world back on track for 1.5 degrees.

To do so, we need to be strongly committed to further accelerating the global energy transition. That includes supporting the poorest countries and opening up access to energy and a new, sustainable basis for prosperity for their populations by expanding renewable energies. We must also take appropriate action to adapt to extreme weather events, which are becoming increasingly devastating as a result of the climate crisis, so that we can better protect people everywhere in the world. We want to take tangible steps at COP28 to implement and flesh out the loss and damage fund so that we can stand by the side of the most vulnerable among us.

I will talk to partners from around the world over the next few days at the Pre-COP meeting in Abu Dhabi, which will focus on paving the way for a COP28 that is equal to the scale of the challenges we face.

Germany and the EU are working to ensure that a clear message will be sent out in Dubai. In concrete terms, we want to see renewables triple and energy efficiency double by 2030 – with a clear commitment to phasing out fossil energy. The transformation of our economy and energy system serves to protect the climate. But it also offers enormous opportunities for sustainable growth, new jobs and a safe and affordable energy supply. In short, for a better life for everyone.


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