Travel warning for Israel, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon

15.10.2023 - Press release

The German Government’s crisis unit at the Federal Foreign Office has issued a warning against travelling to Israel, all of the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. A travel warning has already been in effect for some time for the Gaza Strip and some parts of Lebanon.

We strongly advise against travelling to the above-mentioned countries and territories on account of the escalation of violence in the region in connection with Hamas’ massive terrorist attacks of 7 October. We ask that all German nationals in the region register their details in the ELEFAND emergency contact list. This list is used by us to, among other things, inform you about possibilities to leave the country.

As has been the case for the past several days, the Federal Foreign Office will continue to do everything it can to assist those German nationals and their families who are currently in Israel or the Palestinian territories and who wish to leave. Tel Aviv airport remains open and continues to offer commercial flights, although a number of airlines have suspended their flights or cancelled connections on short notice. The airline Condor will be operating a special flight to Germany today, departing from Aqaba in Jordan. Moreover, at the Federal Foreign Office’s request, the German Air Force will today also be providing flights with which German nationals and their families can fly to Germany. Additional German Air Force flights can be arranged, if necessary. Should the situation deteriorate, the Federal Armed Forces are prepared to conduct a military evacuation. There are currently hardly any restrictions on maritime or air traffic in Lebanon, and regular commercial tickets can be booked to leave the country.

The crisis unit has also decided to second additional staff to the crisis support teams that are already operating in the region.


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