Statement by Human Rights Commissioner Luise Amtsberg prior to departing for Warsaw for the Warsaw Human Dimension Conference

12.10.2023 - Press release

Luise Amtsberg, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Assistance at the Federal Foreign Office, issued the following statement today (12 October) prior to departing for Warsaw:

In view of Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine and the severe violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, it is especially important that the OSCE participating States are again convening for the Human Rights Dimension Conference in Warsaw. With nearly 1500 participants, it is the largest human rights conference in Europe. The conference will focus on the terrible consequences of Russia’s brutal war of aggression, as well as on other current challenges in the fields of human rights and democracy. The conference underscores our enduring resolve to meet and report on the implementation of all human rights and democracy-related commitments that have been made in the context of the OSCE. The conference provides a unique platform for discussion with the representatives of other OSCE participating States, civil society and human rights defenders from across the OSCE region. I look forward to talking to and networking with the human rights commissioners of other countries on current human rights issues.

It is very important that the OSCE and its institutions can continue their valuable work with a view to strengthening human rights, the rule of law and democracy in the OSCE region. In order to live up to our commitments, we all – civil society, the OSCE’s institutions and participating States – must redouble our efforts and further strengthen our cooperation. In these challenging times, this is more true than ever, so that we can protect the spirit of the OSCE. This conference shows that useful and constructive engagement in the context of the OSCE remains possible and necessary. Germany maintains its full support for the OSCE and its institutions.

While in Warsaw, I will also visit Frontex and meet with representatives of Polish civil society. These discussions will focus on, among other things, the situation of Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Background information:

Luise Amtsberg, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Assistance at the Federal Foreign Office, will be in Warsaw on 12 and 13 October to attend the OSCE’s Warsaw Human Rights Dimension Conference. The two-week conference that has been organised by the OSCE serves as a forum for discussion of the human rights situation in the OSCE’s 57 participating States. It is the largest human rights conference in Europe, with nearly 1500 participants, and it includes a large number of civil society representatives from the entire OSCE area.

Ms Amtsberg will be discussing current human rights issues with her counterparts from other OSCE participating States and will also speak at the closing session. While in Warsaw, the Human Rights Commissioner will meet with Polish civil society representatives and will visit Frontex and Foundation Towards Dialogue – an organisation that works to support refugees from Ukraine's Roma communities.


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