Statement by the Federal Foreign Office on the announcement of a ceasefire in the Sudan

25.04.2023 - Press release

The people in the Sudan urgently need a sustainable ceasefire in order to prevent further escalation of the violence, but also so that humanitarian assistance can reach them. We are working through all diplomatic channels to achieve this. We welcome the announcement of another three-day ceasefire between the Sudanese armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces and strongly urge the parties to the conflict to fully comply with the ceasefire.

Germany supports the proposal to establish a committee, with the involvement of civilian players and parties, to bring about a permanent end to the fighting and to coordinate humanitarian assistance, and welcomes the mediation efforts of international and regional stakeholders in this regard. It is important that the Sudanese players use the ceasefire that has now been announced to set up such a committee to create the conditions for a permanent ceasefire and for an improvement in the humanitarian situation.

Germany continues to stand alongside the people in the Sudan, who for years have been taking to the streets to demonstrate for freedom, peace and justice and who had placed great hopes in the political process towards democracy. We support their vision for the future of the Sudan.


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