Statement by a Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson on Iran’s decision to expel two members of the German Embassy in Tehran

01.03.2023 - Press release

The Iranian Foreign Ministry today announced that two members of staff at the German Embassy in Tehran would be declared personae non gratae.

Today’s step was expected following the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats from Germany on 22 February. In the view of the German Government, however, it is not justified in any way. The German Government’s decision to expel the diplomats was the appropriate response to the death sentence passed down to the German national Jamshid Sharmahd and the massive violation of his rights.

Despite the ever more adverse circumstances, the Embassy staff members now being expelled from Iran were performing their duties there with openness, interest and great commitment. Their expulsion is arbitrary and unjustified. They have done nothing wrong.

Over the last few days, the Federal Foreign Office has been in close contact with the team at the German Embassy in Tehran, not least about the expected steps and the foreseeable hard consequences for our colleagues. We will provide all the support we can for the staff members affected and their families in this difficult personal situation with all the challenges it brings for them.


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