Statement by a Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson on the situation in Lebanon

02.11.2022 - Press release

Given the grave economic, financial and humanitarian crises it is experiencing, Lebanon can now afford political standstill less than ever. This notwithstanding, no consensus on a successor for Lebanese President Michel Aoun could be reached before the end of his term of office. It is now the task of Lebanon’s parliament to elect a new president as soon as possible. The political parties have a responsibility to put their own agendas to one side and to act in the interests of the country and its people.

Until a successor for both the President and the Government has been found, the priority must be to ensure that the Government can still function under the leadership of acting Prime Minister Najib Mikati. Germany, as the second largest bilateral donor, continues to stand by the people of Lebanon. Long-term improvement of the situation in the country can, however, only be achieved through effective reforms. The decision-makers in Lebanon have a responsibility to prepare the ground for such reforms.


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