Statement by the G7 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction on Ukraine

29.03.2022 - Press release

Germany is making this statement on behalf of the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction.* For twenty years the G7-led Global Partnership has worked towards reducing the threat of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and preventing terrorists and those that harbour them from acquiring such weapons and related materials, equipment or technology.

We are appalled that the scourge of war has returned to Europe and to Ukraine, a fellow member. We condemn the Russian Federation’s serious breach of international law and of the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. We express our deep sympathy and solidarity to the people of Ukraine in their suffering.

We are outraged that the threat of use of weapons of mass destruction has been evoked in the course of this conflict and that military action is creating serious CBRN risks for the population and the environment, with the potential for catastrophic results.

Ukraine is a long-standing, constructive and committed member of the Global Partnership with an exemplary non-proliferation record, as demonstrated by its renouncing of nuclear weapons inherited from the former Soviet Union in 1994. For more than two decades, Global Partnership members have worked together with Ukraine to increase the safety and security of facilities dealing with sensitive nuclear, biological or chemical materials for exclusively peaceful purposes and to support and enhance protective capabilities against the abuse of such materials. We are dismayed that the threat reduction activities by the Global Partnership in and with Ukraine, which have been undertaken in full transparency and openness, have become the object of fabricated claims and false allegations. We categorically denounce this malicious and completely unfounded disinformation campaign. We consider it unacceptable to levy such false accusations against Ukraine, a state in full compliance with its international non-proliferation obligations. We express our deep concern that these accusations may prepare the use of biological or chemical weapons by those who levy them.

We deplore Russia’s reckless military attacks at and in the direct vicinity of civil nuclear, biological and chemical facilities in Ukraine. We condemn any acts compromising the safety of these facilities devoted to peaceful purposes. We reiterate the paramount importance of safeguarding such facilities and preventing the risk of dangerous substances and materials being set free or falling into wrong hands.

The members of the Global Partnership reaffirm their full support to their fellow member Ukraine. We are determined to continue our successful co-operation and assist Ukraine in all possible ways to counter CBRN risks caused by this war.


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