Statement by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock prior to departing for New York to attend the emergency special session of the UN General Assembly

01.03.2022 - Press release

Today in New York, the international community faces a choice:

Do we close our eyes to the aggression against Ukraine, or do we face up to reality – namely that, with the attacks on Kyiv, Kherson and Kharkiv, we’ve all come under fire? Almost every country in the world has a larger, more powerful neighbour. Should it become normal again for the strong to attack the weak, and for the rest of the world to simply let it happen?

The eyes of the world are on the United Nations. It was founded to maintain peace and security, as well as save future generations from war.

In hundreds of conversations, we and our friends have campaigned around the world to convince as many countries as possible to show their true colours: for peace and the rule of law. I will deliver the very same message today in New York. When it comes down to war and peace, indifference is not an option. The world will remember for a long time where we stood today.


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