The Federal Foreign Office on the situation in Mali

25.05.2021 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement today (25 May) on the situation in Mali:

The current developments in Mali are a source of grave concern to us. The country is in the throes of a transition process which will play a decisive role for the future of Mali and its people and will also have an impact on the stability of the entire Sahel region. The arrest of interim President Bah Ndaw and interim Prime Minister Moctar Ouane in this crucial phase sends a disastrous message to the people of Mali and the international community. We condemn this step unequivocally and call for Ndaw and Ouane to be released without delay. To this end we are in close contact with the regional organisation ECOWAS, which is endeavouring to mediate on the ground, as well as our partners in the European Union and the United Nations.

Background information:

For Germany, the Sahel is a priority for foreign, security and development policy. Its work in the region ranges from acute emergency assistance to civilian and military stabilisation efforts and longer-term development cooperation. Click here for more Information: www.diplo.de


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