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13.11.2017 - FAQ

We hope you understand that we cannot respond individually to questions featured in this catalogue.

Have you not found the answer to your question? Give us a call (hotline number +49 30 5000 2000) or send us an email. One of our help desk staff will answer your inquiry as quickly as possible.

You are living abroad and you are in need of consular information? Please contact the German
mission which is competent for your place of residence.


You're interested in education, health, culture, history, the media, politics, sport, tourism, the economy or system of government? You can find comprehensive information and links on all these topics in many different languages at the Internet portal www.deutschland.de, in the online edition of “Deutschland Magazine” as well as in the online edition of Facts About Germany.

Please contact the Federal Statistical Office which collates and supplies statistical information. You can find a lot of useful information on its webpage.

The Deutsche Welle offers multimedia information (television, radio, Internet) which is available in more than 30 languages all around the world.

Daily news and an events calendar from Germany can also be found on our website Discover Germany.

The German Embassies in Washington (in English) and Paris (in French) offer up-to-date news from Germany on their webpages as well as the chance to subscribe to an email newsletter in English or French.

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