Towards the National Security Strategy - the process

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26.07.2022 - Article

Germany is creating its first National Security Strategy. Rather than taking shape behind closed doors, the strategy will be the result of a shared and inclusive process involving the public as well as experts.

Germany’s first National Security Strategy: Federal Foreign Office launches wide-ranging dialogue

The new Federal Government set itself an ambitious goal upon taking office: it aimed to present a comprehensive National Security Strategy within its first year. Foreign Minister Baerbock launched this process on 18 March 2022 with an event at the Federal Foreign Office.

The relevant Federal Ministries as well as the German Bundestag and a wide range of national and international partners have been involved in the development of the strategy since then. But the Federal Government is also making dialogue with the public a priority. Foreign Minister Baerbock emphasised:

For me, this is a participative process for the development of our strategy, but also the essence of what foreign policy means for me and the Federal Foreign Office together. Not just that we have dialogue between capitals, between ministers, but also between people. Because it is a question of human security. It is a question of the freedom of every individual – here where we are and worldwide.

Workshops with members of the public across Germany

In various town hall meetings and “citizens’ dialogues” held all across Germany, from Gronau to Görlitz and from Bremen to Munich, randomly selected members of the public are discussing the security challenges of our time with each other and with experts. The results of these talks will feed into the process of developing the National Security Strategy, ensuring that it reflects a broad public consensus.

In conversation: Foreign Minister Baerbock’s security policy trip through Germany

The Foreign Minister traveled to various places around the country in July 2022 to engage in conversation with members of the public on the topic of security policy. Her primary goal was to learn how the public sees Germany’s security, what fears are present and where people see opportunities and focal points for greater international involvement.

Additional input from discussions with experts and organisations

At the same time, the Federal Government has initiated in‑depth discussions with academics, think-tanks, associations, civil society and non‑governmental organisations. The starting point was a specialist workshop on the topic of comprehensive security held at the Federal Academy for Security Policy in March.

From June to September 2022 the Federal Government is organizing numerous other events focusing on security policy, Germany’s role in the EU and NATO, economic and technological sovereignty, crisis prevention, cyber security, climate and security, geo‑economics, links between internal and external security, disarmament and arms control, and feminist foreign policy.

Since end of July, experts are also able to contribute to the development of the National Security Strategy via a specially created blog. More information will be available shortly on the Federal Foreign Office’s website.

Widening our perspective on Germany: Discussions with partners

Germany’s security is rooted in its close cooperation with allies and partners. The Federal Government is in contact with international partners as well as the EU and NATO in order to see whether they share Germany’s view of the world and its challenges and what expectations they have of Germany’s security policy and thus also of the National Security Strategy.


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