German Government’s fifteenth Human Rights Report

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07.12.2022 - Article

The Federal Cabinet has adopted the German Government’s fifteenth Human Rights Report.

Working to protect human rights is a cross-cutting task within the scope of state action in Germany. In its Human Rights Reports, which are published periodically, the German Government describes its efforts to protect human rights at home and abroad.

The fifteenth Human Rights Report highlights some issues in particular:

  • The part dedicated to human rights and digitalisation examines digital technologies being used by autocratic regimes to violate human rights.
  • The section on the challenges posed by climate change for the protection of human rights as well as gender-sensitive strategies for the fight against the climate crisis spotlights the challenges of the climate crisis when it comes to protecting human rights.
  • The German Government’s efforts at national and European level to combat the sexual abuse of children, especially on the internet, is the focus of a dedicated chapter.
  • The German Government’s commitment to fighting human trafficking for the purpose of sexual or labour exploitation at national, European or international level is also dealt with in a separate chapter.

These focal areas are incorporated in the overall structure of the report:

  • The German Government’s Action Plan for Human Rights 2023-2024 outlines the chief priorities of the German Government’s human rights work in 2023 and 2024.
  • Human rights in Germany describes human rights work in Germany and the implementation status of the recommendations given to Germany and supported by Germany within the current cycle of Universal Periodic Reviews (UPR).
  • Human rights in foreign and development policy outlines the efforts in international human rights forums and on various human rights issues against the background of the German Government’s values-based foreign and development policy focused on human rights.
  • Human rights around the world describes the human rights situation in selected countries and portrays Germany’s human rights and project work as well as its impact.


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