Final spurt before the NATO Summit in Washington: Informal meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Prague

Crucial for Europe’s security: NATO

Crucial for Europe’s security: NATO, © Thomas Trutschel/photothek.net

31.05.2024 - Article

On 31 May, NATO Foreign Ministers are meeting in Prague. Their agenda will focus on getting ready for the Washington Summit in July and NATO’s support for Ukraine.

After Berlin and Oslo, Czechia is only the third host of this new informal format. The Ministers will meet here in a very small and confidential setting. Instead of a pre-structured programme, the plan is to enable a more open, direct and interactive exchange – without a script set in advance. In concrete terms, this means that only Ministers will be in the room, without their advisers. No prepared statements will be read; instead, Ministers will engage in discourse and discussions and have a genuine debate.

Main focus of the working session: NATO’s support for Ukraine

The main focus of the discussions among NATO Foreign Ministers will be preparing for the Washington Summit in mid-July. Ministers will also look at how to continue supporting Ukraine’s defensive efforts and its fight for peace in the face of Russia’s war of aggression, which has been going on for more than 800 days now. Last year, the allies established the NATO-Ukraine Council together with Ukraine and raised cooperation to a new level. The task now is to take concrete steps to further enhance NATO’s role in supporting Ukraine and in building a resilient Ukrainian army.

It is especially important that Ukraine receives the air defence it so urgently needs. The global initiative for enhanced air defence, which Foreign Minister Baerbock launched with Defence Minister Pistorius, should also be seen in this context. So far, almost a billion euro have been pledged as additional support for Ukraine’s air defence. Encouraging allies to provide swift further support for Ukrainian air defence will be another focus of the meeting.

Germany in the vanguard when it comes to defence spending

NATO is the key foundation for Euro-Atlantic security. Together with our partners in the neighbourhood, we therefore want to strengthen NATO’s European pillar. This year, Germany – along with 19 other allies – will reach NATO’s 2% target for the first time.


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