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Political relations

Venezuela and Germany have a long tradition of political relations dating back to the meeting between the two iconic figures Simón Bolívar and Alexander von Humboldt in the early 19th century. Germany has had an embassy in Venezuela since 1871.


In 2015, German exports to Venezuela (mainly machinery and medical products) were worth 525 million Euros, 24 per cent less than in 2014 (first half of 2016: 134 million US dollars). German imports from Venezuela have been in sharp decline since 2011 (EUR 749 million), amounting to a mere 140 million Euros in 2015 (first half of 2016: 39 million US dollars). German imports from Venezuela comprise oil (49 per cent), iron and steel (19 per cent) and chemical products (14 per cent).

An investment promotion agreement and a double taxation accord are in place between the two countries. The German-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAVENAL) is domiciled in Caracas. In addition, there are a number of major German companies with their own branches or production facilities in Venezuela. Lufthansa ceased operating direct flights from Frankfurt to Caracas in May 2016.

Development cooperation

Bilateral Technical Cooperation with Venezuela was terminated at the end of 2004. Non-governmental development cooperation is ongoing, however. Of Germany’s political foundations, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation have a permanent presence there. The Hanns Seidel Foundation serves Venezuela from its Bogotá office.

There is close cooperation on climate and environmental policy between the Caracas-based Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and the KfW Development Bank.


There has long been intensive cultural exchange between Germany and Venezuela. Besides the German Embassy, the following institutions are active in the cultural sector there: the Goethe Institute, the tradition-steeped Asociación Cultural Humboldt, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and a German-speaking Catholic church. Other institutions include a German School Abroad (Colegio Humboldt) and a German-Venezuelan Support Association (AVAS).

The ethnic German inhabitants of Colonia Tovar in Aragua State maintain close ties with Germany. In early 2016, the world-famous orchestra project El Sistema also visited the Berlin Philharmonie concert hall.


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