Germany and Tunisia: Bilateral relations

16.12.2020 - Article

Germany and Tunisia have had diplomatic relations since the latter gained independence in 1956. The German Government has been supporting Tunisia’s political and economic transformation through intensive cooperation since the democratisation process began in 2011. Aimed at further developing bilateral relations, there is a regular political dialogue between Germany and Tunisia at state secretary level,.

All six German political foundations have offices in Tunis.

Germany is Tunisia’s third-largest trading partner and foreign investor, after France and Italy. Some 260 German companies are currently active in Tunisia. They employ a total local workforce of 60,000 and have invested more than 350 million euros in the country (as of 2019).

Tunisia is the most important target country of the German Government’s transformation partnership with the Arab world, which is intended to foster democratisation and reform processes. This has enabled Germany to support reform and modernisation processes in Tunisia, initiatives by Tunisian civil Society as well as political work in the cultural sphere and to boost Germany’s political engagement in the country.

The focus of development cooperation is on sustainable economic development/training, administrative reform/decentralisation and resource protection (water and energy). Employment promotion and Migration are cross-cutting issues.

The reform partnership concluded with Tunisia in 2017, Germany’s bilateral contribution to the G20 Compact with Africa initiative, is aimed at improving the environment for private-sector investment and creating employment.

Germany’s cultural relations and education policy focuses on promoting the German language, stepping up school and university cooperation arrangements and supporting cultural events. The German Government also supports cultural preservation projects through the German Archaeological Institute. At present, there are six PASCH schools in Tunisia and around 40,000 pupils are learning German as a foreign language.


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