Germany and Trinidad and Tobago: Bilateral relations

01.03.2024 - Article

Political relations are traditionally good. The two countries work well together within the framework of the United Nations. Germany supports regional integration under the auspices of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). In the economic sector, German companies have long been engaged in Trinidad and Tobago, making substantial investments (so far a total of more than 4 billion euro), especially in large plant construction in the petrochemical industry. A bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement entered into force in 2010.

A bilateral agreement on mutual assistance and exchange of information on tax matters and tax offences was signed in October 2010.

Other cooperation and trade accords exist within the framework of the agreements between the European Union and the ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) states as well as between the EU and CARIFORUM (CARICOM member states plus the Dominican Republic). Trinidad and Tobago and the states of the Caribbean hope that the signing of the EU’s new partnership agreement with the states of Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean (Post‑Cotonou or Samoa Agreement) will bring a further intensification of relations with the EU.

In development cooperation, Trinidad and Tobago has indirect links with Germany through regional projects between Germany and CARICOM that focus primarily on renewable energies, climate change adaptation and the protection of biodiversity.

Germany supports the CARICOM states in their efforts to combat the proliferation of small arms through the Caribbean Firearms Roadmap. Trinidad and Tobago benefits from the Federal Foreign Office’s Training for International Diplomats programme.

Higher education partnerships between the University of the West Indies (UWI) and German universities, including Flensburg, Dresden, Wolfenbüttel and Kiel, are further evolving. The state vocational training institute MIC is cooperating with the Aachen Chamber of Crafts and Trade on training courses in the field of automotive engineering.

Tobago is a popular travel destination for German tourists. Since 2022, there have again been direct flights between Germany and Tobago during the tourist season.


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