Germany and Sweden: Bilateral relations

01.03.2024 - Article

Swedish-German relations are close and friendly. This long tradition is reflected by numerous intensive contacts at all levels. Bilateral relations are characterised by consensus and close cooperation on many international issues.

Sweden is a role model for Germany in the field of gender-equality and family policy in particular, but also when it comes to identifying digital solutions in the healthcare sector. In 2017, Germany and Sweden launched an innovation partnership with a focus on e-health, transport, test-beds for Industrie 4.0 and digital transformation as it affects small and medium-sized enterprises.

Germany is one of Sweden’s major trade partners.

Many German companies are based in Sweden, particularly in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö/Helsingborg. Most Swedish companies in Germany operate in the retail sector, but the energy sector is also relevant. For many Swedish companies, the German market is more important than the domestic market.

In addition to the Goethe-Institut, the German church communities and a number of German-Swedish associations currently play an important part in promoting German culture in Sweden. The German language is promoted by the German School in Stockholm and the initiative Schools: Partners for the Future


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