Germany is helping Pakistan to tackle the flooding

Flooded streets in the city of Lahore

Pakistan has been hit by devastating floods, and one third of the country is under water, © Pacific Press

02.09.2022 - Article

Pakistan has been hit by the worst floods in many decades. More than 1160 people have died so far, and over one million homes have been destroyed. Germany is working hard to support Pakistan in its efforts to rapidly supply food and essential medicine to the people affected.

One third of Pakistan’s area is under water

Pakistan has been hit by devastating floods, and one third of the country is under water. So far, more than 1160 people have lost their lives, including many children. The situation is exacerbated by severe economic damage. Thousands of hectares of agricultural land are flooded, a large proportion of this year’s harvest is unusable and around 700,000 livestock have died. Many people have been robbed of their livelihoods and are facing a critical humanitarian situation.

Germany is providing rapid assistance

People exiting boats with the help of soldiers
Pakistani soldiersassist victims of the floods.© Adeel Abbasi / Anadolu Agency

Germany stands alongside Pakistan in solidarity and is supporting the country in its efforts to overcome this huge challenge. Rapid assistance is currently the main priority, and Germany is helping to supply food and essential medical care to the people affected.

The Federal Foreign Office is providing food for the next two months for 1000 particularly hard‑hit families in Balochistan province via the Consulate General in Karachi. We are also making available food and medical supplies for another 60,000 people via the German Red Cross. This is flanked by the support from the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which is providing assistance totalling three million US dollars in all areas, and to which the Federal Government is the largest contributor. The WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE) is also active, providing support in the field of healthcare to the tune of 10 million US dollars. Here, too, Germany is the largest donor.

Through this support, Germany is one of the biggest contributors to the people in Pakistan. We are in contact with the Pakistan Government and our international partners to coordinate further assistance. Germany will continue to stand alongside the people in Pakistan.


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