Moving forward together: Foreign Minister Baerbock in Rotterdam

Family photo at the German-Dutch government consultations in Rotterdam

Family photo at the German-Dutch government consultations in Rotterdam, © picture alliance

27.03.2023 - Article

For the second time this year, Foreign Minister Baerbock is travelling to our friends and partners in the Netherlands, where she will be taking part in the German-Dutch Government Consultations. Read on to learn more about the visit.

Germany and the Netherlands are linked not only by a shared border stretching 567 kilometres but, above all, by the many people who cross it every day: those commuting to work, studying, visiting family and friends or holidaying regularly in their neighbouring country. Germany enjoys such close ties based on mutual trust – especially relations in the economic and political spheres but also in the military and cultural fields – with few other countries. For Germany and the Netherlands are united by shared values, particularly in times of crisis.

The two countries are confronted with common challenges: from Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine to economic security in the face of the increasingly tough competition with China and the question as to how we make Europe fit for the future.

Today, the Governments of Germany and the Netherlands are meeting for the fourth time within the framework of the German-Dutch Government Consultations to drive forward common projects in key policy fields. These consultations are focusing on three issues that are particularly important to both countries: climate action and energy security, innovation and the digital transformation and, not least, security and defence in light of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Both countries agree that Europe’s greatest strength is solidarity. Together with the Netherlands, Germany is providing Ukraine with military, financial and humanitarian assistance – both bilaterally and within the EU framework. The two countries are advancing an initiative for a special tribunal against Russia and are supporting the investigative work in Ukraine, above all that of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Germany holds intergovernmental consultations with just a few other countries. They include close European friends, as well as strategic partners such as India or Brazil. As a like-minded neighbour and friend in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands is a natural candidate for such a format.


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