Germany and Montenegro: Bilateral relations

31.10.2022 - Article

Providing support for political and economic reform as part of EU accession negotiations is the central pillar of bilateral relations.

A number of projects supported by Germany are contributing to the reform efforts of democratic forces in Montenegro and to the strengthening of the country’s administrative structures, especially with regard to legal and administrative reform, supporting civil society and the role of the media. Particular importance is also attached to these issues in the ongoing EU accession process.

Bilateral development cooperation with Montenegro, which focused on supporting public infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector and for the provision of drinking water and wastewater management, as well as on the tourism sector, environmental protection and boosting business and employment opportunities, was successfully concluded with the beginning of EU accession negotiations.

The EU supports Montenegro with funding for measures addressing the rule of law, human rights, good governance, the green agenda and sustainability, competitiveness and inclusive growth. Germany is supporting Montenegro’s efforts to fight the COVID‑19 pandemic by providing the country with vaccines through the COVAX mechanism, which receives significant funding from the EU and Germany, as well as by donating goods and, through the Robert Koch Institute – Federal Institute for Infectious and Non‑communicable Diseases, by setting up a laboratory in Berane, training laboratory staff and exchanging experience.

The University of Nikšić’s German Department and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) have cooperated closely since 2007. German scholarship and exchange programmes are very popular.

The Central Agency for Schools Abroad is running the programme that enables pupils to acquire the German Language Certificate at two schools. The Goethe-Institut provides Montenegro with cultural and language services from its offices in Belgrade and offers certificates for online language courses.

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