Germany and the Comoros: Bilateral relations

01.12.2022 - Article

German-Comorian relations have not yet developed to any great degree.

Diplomatic relations were launched on 2 February 1978. The German Ambassador in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) is also accredited to the Union of the Comoros. For the Comorian side, relations with Germany are looked after by its Embassy in Brussels.

In 2019, the Comoros exported goods to the value of some 7.3 million euro to Germany, mainly agricultural goods such as vanilla, and imported goods worth more than 823,000 euro from Germany.

The EU is the most important development partner of the Comoros. Within the framework of the European Development Fund, development cooperation focuses on the spheres of vocational training and public finances. Germany’s contribution here is substantial.

The only German firm with a base in Comoros is the freight company Spanfreight in the capital Moroni.

Germany provides scholarships through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


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