Germany and Guatemala: Bilateral relations

21.03.2024 - Article

Germany and Guatemala maintain good and intensive relations in the political, cultural and economic sectors, as well as in development cooperation. In 2022, they celebrated 175 years of diplomatic relations (originally established between Guatemala and the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck). Germany and the Germans enjoy a good reputation in Guatemala. Approximately 4000 German nationals and many Guatemalans of German descent live in the country.

Trade between Guatemala and Germany was worth more than 600 million euro in 2022 (German exports to Guatemala approx. 330 million euro; German imports from Guatemala approx. 272 million euro).

An investment protection agreement entered into force in October 2006.

The German-Guatemalan Chamber of Industry and Commerce has some 150 members and plays a major role in promoting bilateral economic relations.

Bilateral development cooperation focuses on democratic governance (promotion of the rule of law and violence prevention), education and environmental protection (including adaptation to climate change). Through regional projects Germany is also engaged in Guatemala in the areas of energy, sustainable economic development, fiscal policy and migration prevention. The implementing organisations KfW and GIZ have offices in the country. Bilateral development cooperation came to an end in 2023. Many German civil society and church organisations are continuing to implement development projects in Guatemala, principally in areas inhabited mainly by indigenous peoples. Germany’s political foundations are also active in Guatemala.

The Asociación Alejandro von Humboldt runs the German School, the German Language Institute, the German Cultural Institute and the Club Alemán. Students attending the German School have the option of earning the Guatemalan Bachillerato and/or the German university entrance qualification (Abitur).

Many students are interested in studying in Germany due to the relatively large number of Guatemalans of German descent.


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