Germany and the United Kingdom: bilateral relations United Kingdom

05.10.2020 - Article

UK-German relations are close, diverse and based on mutual trust. Both countries are members of NATO, the United Nations, the G7, the G20 and other international bodies. Like Germany, the UK is actively engaged in international climate protection.

With its withdrawal from the European Union on 31 January 2020, the UK is a third country as regards the EU since 1 February. Both countries aim to intensify their bilateral relations for the period after what is known as Brexit.

In terms of security policy, since late 2015 Germany has been regarded as a strategic bilateral partner of the UK, alongside the United States and France.

The UK and Germany are important partners for one another, in terms of both trade and investment. Germany traditionally records a surplus in bilateral trade.

Bilateral cultural relations between the UK and Germany are lively and intensive, being based on public, private and civil society contacts and activities.

Intensifying youth exchange between the UK and Germany is a priority for both countries. UK-German Connection has established itself as a key bilateral coordination agency for all questions relating to youth and school exchange between the two countries. Germany is the first and only European country with which the UK has set up a youth exchange office.

In the wake of Brexit, Germany’s cultural relations and education policy in the UK will play a more prominent role within bilateral relations. In particular, this includes promoting the German language, education programmes (schools and higher education) as well as UK-German Connection. UK-German town twinning arrangements could and should gain in importance.


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