Brexit: the EU27 member states want a good and viable solution that guarantees legal certainty

Foreign Minister Maas meets Michel Barnier

Foreign Minister Maas meets Michel Barnier, © Felix Zahn/photothek.net

23.09.2019 - Article

The Foreign Minister reaffirmed the EU27’s common position during a visit by the EU’s Chief Negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier. The EU remains open to talks and Progress.

We are now seeing a little momentum in the Brexit negotiations. Last week, the UK submitted written proposals in Brussels for the first time. Michel Barnier is negotiating with the UK on behalf of the EU27, meeting Brexit Secretary Barclay last Friday. Foreign Minister Maas issued the following statement after today’s meeting in Berlin:

We fully support Michel Barnier and his team. As the EU27, we will do everything in our power to bring about a good and viable solution that guarantees legal certainty. A no‑deal Brexit would be massively detrimental to both sides. We must, however, uphold the Good Friday Agreement and protect the single market.

To date, the EU27 has demonstrated great unity in the negotiations with the UK. This is also thanks to Michel Barnier. Barnier emphasised that while London had now submitted initial proposals, these only covered some areas. “It is difficult to see how we can arrive at a legally operative solution”, he said, adding that “we remain open to talks and to progress”.

Prepared for all scenarios

The German Government has made comprehensive preparations in good time for all withdrawal scenarios, irrespective of when and how the UK leaves the EU. Brexit may have an impact on people’s plans for their personal and professional lives, particularly in the event that there is no deal. A host of measures have therefore been undertaken at various levels for this eventuality in order to cushion the possible effects as much as possible.


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