Germany and Chile: Bilateral relations

04.12.2023 - Article

Official relations between Germany and Chile have existed since 1952. Bilateral relations have a broad basis in business, science and culture and are characterised by similar positions on important multilateral issues. Chile is a member of the OECD and has been one of the upper middle income countries since 2017. Germany is supporting Chile as it goes through the current constitutional process and carries out other reforms initiated as a result of the unrest since October 2019.

The EU ranks third amongst Chile’s business partners, behind China and the United States. Germany is Chile’s prime trading partner in the EU. Its principal imports from Chile are raw materials (copper) and food, while industrial products are traditionally the main German exports to Chile.

There is great interest in German culture and the German language in Chile. German immigrants in the south of the country (from 1850 onwards) and the efforts of German scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs and experts in all fields have played a part in the country’s development. They are held in high regard to this very day. German culture and the German language are still present in Chile, especially in the south of the country.

Bilateral cultural relations are close and wide-ranging. They centre on the German language, academic contacts between higher education and research institutions, the programme work of the Goethe-Institut and support for the 25 schools in Chile participating in the Federal Foreign Office’s Schools: Partners for the Future initiative (PASCH), amidst them five German schools abroad.

Germany also enjoys an excellent reputation in Chile as a partner in academia and science. An updated comprehensive framework agreement on bilateral cooperation in science and technology has been in force since 2013. Priority areas of Germany and Chile’s extensive cooperation in the sphere of academic collaboration are renewable energies, environmental protection, astronomy, biotechnology, healthcare, digital technology and the dual system of vocational training. High-profile Projects include the “Heidelberg Center Latin America” based in Santiago de Chile and the Solar Energy Institute of the “Fraunhofer Chile Research” Foundation.

Chile is a regional pioneer in renewable energies and a key partner in the development of green hydrogen. Chile is the co-lead, together with Germany, of the G7 climate club.


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