Germany and Benin: Bilateral relations

08.12.2022 - Article

The Federal Republic of Germany has maintained uninterrupted diplomatic relations with Benin since 1962, with the focus on development cooperation.

German support is held in high regard in Benin. The current portfolio of German development cooperation is worth approximately 452.64 million euro.

Bilateral cooperation is carried out in line with the National Development Plan (2018-2025) adopted in 2018. The four key areas are the reform of public finances and the digitalisation of state services; sustainable economic development, training and employment; water supply and sanitation as well as the protection of biosphere reserves; and the expansion of renewable energies.

The volume of trade between Germany and Benin is modest. In 2020 Germany exported goods worth 37.1 million euro to Benin and imported goods worth 0.8 million euro; Benin thus ranked 184th for exports and 151st for imports among 239 trading partners.

Germany’s private sector has a majority holding in the local company CIMBENIN through a Norwegian subsidiary of HeidelbergCement. DHL has also been operating in Benin since 1984.


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