Germany and Bahrain: Bilateral Relations

10.08.2023 - Article

Relations between Germany and Bahrain are good. The two countries value one another as reliable partners and hold each other in high regard. Political exchange between Germany and Bahrain takes place regularly in a wide range of forums, including as part of an annual political dialogue between the foreign ministries.

Since 2004, Bahrain has been holding the IISS (International Institute for Strategic Studies) Manama Dialogue in London. Senior German politicians and officials use this key regional forum in the sphere of foreign and security policy to maintain an ongoing exchange with Bahrain and other countries in the region.

Germany is Bahrain’s third most important business partner in the European Union. The performance, innovativeness and reliability of German industry and technology are highly valued in Bahrain. On the German side, small and medium-sized companies in particular take advantage of the good investment climate in Bahrain. A number of German companies have their regional headquarters in Bahrain or operate service units and production sites in the country. There are approximately 500 German nationals living in Bahrain. Bahrain exports goods including aluminium and steel for further processing in Germany.

Bahrain ratified the Paris Climate Agreement in December 2016 and established a new authority for renewable energies in October 2019. The aim is to ensure that the share of renewable energies reaches 5% by 2025, increasing to 10% by 2035.


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