Earthquake in Albania: Germany pledges 11 million euros of support

The major earthquake last November claimed 51 lives and caused serious damage to infrastructure.

The major earthquake last November claimed 51 lives and caused serious damage to infrastructure., © HaloPix/PIXSELL / DPA / Picture Alliance

17.02.2020 - Article

The major earthquake last November claimed 51 lives and caused serious damage to infrastructure. At a donor conference in Brussels, Germany pledged 11 million euros of assistance for long-term reconstruction.

On 26 November last year, a major earthquake struck in Albania. The capital Tirana and the coastal town of Durrës were particularly badly affected. A total of 51 people lost their lives in the quake, hundreds were left injured.

Donor conference for long-term reconstruction

The Albanian population is still waiting for urgent assistance with reconstruction, as countless buildings were destroyed and 17,000 people left homeless. Costs for long-term reconstruction are high; experts expect them to exceed one billion euros. That is why the European Commission today hosted a donor conference to secure international assistance for Albania.

German funding for education sector

At the donor conference, Germany pledged assistance to the tune of 11 million euros. The funding is destined primarily for the education sector and is to be used to rebuild damaged daycare facilities, schools and education institutions.

Directly following the earthquake, Germany was involved in providing emergency assistance, supplied blankets and emergency kits and seconded technical experts.

Foreign Minister Maas said today in Brussels:

People in the affected areas need housing, schools and daycare facilities. Germany is making available 11 million euros for this purpose. It is a strong sign of EU solidarity with Albania that the Commission is coordinating international emergency aid and has organised today’s donor conference.


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