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11.03.2020 - Article

German‑Albanian relations are close and characterised by a spirit of partnership. Relations have become significantly more active since the start of Albania’s democratisation process in 1991.

Germany is the 11th largest direct investor in Albania. Between January and October 2019, bilateral trade was worth around 404 million euros. Of this total, exports to Germany account for 98 million euros and imports from Germany 306 million euros.

Albania is a partner country of German development cooperation. Germany is working with the Albanian Government to promote the development of a social and ecologically sustainable market economy. Rural and agricultural enterprises receive assistance in the form of loans, subsidies, further training and consulting services. Since 1988, Germany has provided funding to the tune of over one billion euros (including its contributions to the EU, the UN and the World Bank), thus making it one of Albania’s biggest and most important bilateral donors. Environmental and climate protection is a major cross‑cutting topic.

Cultural relations between Germany and Albania are based on the cultural agreement that entered into force on 25 March 2019. There is keen interest in Albania in cultural exchange with Germany. Every autumn since 2007, the German Embassy in Tirana and numerous partners have organised German October, that is, German‑Albanian cultural weeks in Albania.

As part of the Schools: Partners for the Future initiative (PASCH), Germany supports six Albanian schools at which German is taught. Since 2018, German universities have recognised the Albanian higher education entrance qualification. A number of universities in Albania maintain contacts with German universities. These contacts are used to organise student and faculty exchanges.

Germany is also engaged in efforts to preserve and maintain Albania’s cultural heritage. For instance, it has provided support to the National Museum of Medieval Art in Korça with its important collection of icons and to the Marubi Photo Archives in Shkodra.

The Goethe‑Zentrum Tirana is an important player in German cultural and education cooperation with Albania. It reports to the Goethe‑Institut in Skopje. The Goethe‑Zentrum offers German courses at all levels and organises its own cultural events.

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Albania is a partner country of German development cooperation. For more information please visit the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

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