A voice for Afghanistan: The Federal Foreign Office is supporting the “Aashti” media project

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production of a show for the “Aashti” programme, © Björn Kietzmann/DW

12.11.2021 - Article

Deutsche Welle’s “Aashti” media project is creating a platform for Afghans from different societal groups. The programmes focus on topics from Afghanistan’s political and day-to-day life. This year, the Federal Foreign Office is expanding financial support for the project.

Since September 2020, Deutsche Welle has been enabling representatives of different societal groups to share their view of developments in Afghanistan through the “Aashti” media project. The live shows are broadcast on online TV in the national languages Dari and Pashto. From November 2021, the programme is to be expanded. The Federal Foreign Office is providing financial support for the project and is making available 500,000 euro for 2021.

Giving everyone a voice

“Aashti” was launched in late 2020 as an interactive information platform with the aim of creating a free space for open debate on the future of democracy and human rights in Afghanistan. Representatives from different groups of Afghan society and analysts have the chance to be heard as talk show guests. The goal is to give a voice to population groups that have so far received little attention in the general debate. Women in particular are to be more actively involved in the debate. The interviews are supplemented by video reports from Afghanistan. Here, Deutsche Welle cooperates with Afghan partners such as the Moby Media Group, the largest media concern in the country. The programmes are broadcast predominantly on social media and on the Deutsche Welle website.

The Federal Foreign Office provided funding to the tune of 70,000 euro for the launch of the project in 2020. In 2021 it has continued to provide support totalling 500,000 euro and in this way is enabling DW to further develop the content of the online TV show

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