Germany’s Security Council Presidency: Heiko Maas in New York

Germany’s Security Council Presidency: Heiko Maas in New York

Germany’s Security Council Presidency: Heiko Maas in New York, © Thomas Imo/photothek.net

01.04.2019 - Article

Germany holds the UN Security Council Presidency in April and Heiko Maas is travelling to New York to mark the start.

Women, peace and security, disarmament and arms control

Germany, a member of the UN Security Council for the sixth time, holds the Presidency of the most important UN body in April. In addition to addressing ongoing crises and conflicts, Germany will set its own priorities for its month long Presidency: women, peace and security will play a key role, as will disarmament and arms control.

Aachen goes East River

The German Presidency follows on from that of France, a permanent member of the Security Council. For the first time in the body’s history, there are two closely coordinated consecutive Presidencies. France (in March) and Germany (in April) see their Presidencies as a joint project aimed at strengthening multilateralism.

This joint Presidency, with which France and Germany are hoping to open a new chapter in the history of the UN Security Council founded in 1946, will be known as the « Jumelage ». The two countries not only want to intensify European cooperation on the Security Council but also to send a message about multilateral cooperation in international politics. These goals are also among the priorities of the Treaty of Aachen, which was signed on 22 January and carries on the tradition of the Élysée Treaty of 1963.

Strengthening international law, protecting humanitarian aid workers

Germany and France have prepared a comprehensive agenda for their consecutive Security Council Presidencies geared to fostering peace throughout the world.
One focus in this connection is strengthening international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles. For instance, the Security Council is exploring how humanitarian aid workers can be better protected from violence around the world.

Fostering women empowerment, promoting disarmament

Above all, Germany will advance the key issue of “Women, Peace and Security” in the Security Council. Open debates are planned on women in UN peace missions and on fighting and preventing sexual violence in conflicts. The German Government is working to ensure that women have greater political participation and better protection from sexual violence in conflict regions, and that women and girls have better protection in general.

Furthermore, global disarmament is on the agenda. During his visit, Foreign Minister Maas will, among other things, chair a Security Council session on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

Trip to promote multilateralism

Heiko Maas will be in New York from Monday to Wednesday and will subsequently travel on to Washington. There, too, a multilateral format will be the focus of attention: NATO is celebrating its 70th anniversary and a meeting of Allied Foreign Ministers is planned. The Foreign Minister will then go to Dinard in Brittany where the G7 Foreign Ministers are due to meet.


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