Germany and Gabon: Bilateral Relations

17.04.2024 - Article

Germany condemned the military putsch of 30 August 2023 and called for an immediate return to the constitutional order.

With its wealth of natural resources, Gabon is classified as a middle-income country and therefore does not benefit from German bilateral development cooperation.

Over time, the two countries have come to cooperate bilaterally in the fields of science and research, climate action and the preservation of biodiversity. Exchanges are organised for students and fellows. Germany has also provided funding to the Gabonese research institute Centre de Recherches Médicales de Lambaréné (CERMEL) for its work on combating tropical diseases such as malaria.

Around 4400 pupils are learning German at 27 schools. In 2010, a German Department was established at the Université Omar Bongo, a public university in Libreville. Two schools that teach German receive special funding as part of the Schools: Partners for the Future initiative.


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