National Citizens’ Panel on the future of Europe in January 2022 in Berlin

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The Conference on the Future of Europe, © European Union 2020 - Source : EP

18.11.2021 - Article

What should the future of the European Union look like? What kind of Europe do we want to live in?

The Federal Foreign Office is organising a National Citizens’ Panel in January 2022. The Panel will be an opportunity for citizens to actively contribute their own ideas on the future of Europe. How can the EU safeguard its common democratic values and strengthen the rule of law? How can it succeed in the transition to a sustainable and digitalised economy and society? What role should the EU play in the world?

The aim of the National Citizens’ Panel is to develop collaborative recommendations for action and thus make a tangible contribution to the ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe. Speaking to mark the launch of the Conference on 9 May 2021, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called on all members of the public to take part:

It is a question of nothing less than what kind of Europe we want to live in. What kind of Europe we want for our children and grandchildren. We aim to work together to make Europe fit for the future through a competition of ideas. Because Europe is sustained by the participation and creativity of its citizens. So, please, get involved!

A total of 100 randomly selected members of the public are invited to take part in the National Citizens’ Panel in Berlin. It will begin on 8 January 2022 with four online discussions each attended by 25 participants. On 15 and 16 January 2022, all one hundred of them will then attend a two-day conference at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.

The National Citizens’ Panel is being organised by the Federal Foreign Office with the support of ifok GmbH.


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