Germany and Denmark: Bilateral relations Denmark

16.03.2021 - Article

Relations between Denmark and Germany are characterised by good neighbourliness and close cooperation in all areas. There are frequent meetings and intensive dialogue at all political levels. There are also a large number of visits at state and parliamentary level. Land Schleswig-Holstein maintains particularly close relations with Denmark.

The positive and lively interaction between the German minority in North Schleswig and the neighbouring Danish minority in South Schleswig also shapes bilateral relations. The successful minority policies on both sides are founded on the Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations of 1955. The year 2020 will mark the centenary of the plebiscites that determined the border between Denmark and Germany. To celebrate this anniversary, the Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut are organising a joint German-Danish Cultural Year of Friendship under the patronage of the two Foreign Ministers.

Economic relations are close and intensive. Germany remains one of Denmark’s most important trading partners. German imports from Denmark include industrial products, machinery, food, agricultural products and medical and pharmaceutical products. Its main exports to Denmark include machinery and motor vehicles, chemicals, consumer goods and food.

Close cultural ties between Denmark and Germany have existed for centuries. Of key importance in the extremely diverse cultural exchange is the Danes’ good command of German compared to nationals of other European countries. The Goethe-Institut in Denmark supports cultural exchange and offers language courses as part of its wide-ranging programme. University and student exchange also takes place on a large scale at university Level.

Germany and Denmark are also pursuing joint cooperation projects in the defence policy sphere. In addition to numerous mutual training activities in the maritime field, Denmark, together with Germany and Poland, is a troop contributor for the Multinational Corps Northeast in Stettin.


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