Coup in the Niger: Political situation and evacuation of German nationals


Strassenszene, aufgenommen in Niamey, 14.04.2022., © Florian Gaertner/photothek.de

02.08.2023 - Article

The attempted coup in the Niger is a full-on attack on the young democracy and is jeopardising the country’s future. A political solution now needs to be found quickly so that the country can return to the path of democracy.

By detaining the elected President Mohamed Bazoum on the morning of 26 July 2023, the instigators of the coup have shaken the Niger’s still young democracy to the core. In particular, the coup is a bitter blow for the many people in the Niger who have been working tirelessly during the last few years to build a better future for their country. The German Government has already taken initial steps to respond to the situation by suspending development cooperation, and stands ready to take further measures together with its European partners.

We remain firmly persuaded that only a democratic government can develop viable responses to the many challenges that the country faces. Because where soldiers reach for power, they damage their country.

- Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock

The regional organisation ECOWAS and the African Union are currently seeking to mediate so that constitutional order can be restored as quickly as possible. To achieve this, those responsible for the coup must immediately release the members of the democratically elected government illegally detained by them and give power back to them. Germany and Europe support the mediation efforts of ECOWAS and the African Union. For the Niger deserves a democratic future.

Evacuation of German nationals underway

The German Government’s utmost priority at this time is the safety of the German nationals in the country. The Federal Foreign Office has therefore issued a travel warning for the Niger and called on all German nationals to leave the country. They are receiving practical help from the German Government’s crisis unit and the German Embassy in Niamey, which are working together to organise the safe departure of German nationals currently in the Niger. As in previous crises, this is being done in close coordination with France and other European partners. The close Franco-German friendship is being put into action: France is taking many Germans on its evacuation flights. The German Embassy in Niamey will continue its work.


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