Towards a National Security Strategy - the launch

Foreign Minister Baerbock at the event to launch the development of a National Security Strategy

Foreign Minister Baerbock at the event to launch the development of a National Security Strategy, © Thomas Trutschel/photothek.de

18.03.2022 - Article

Event to launch the process of developing a National Security Strategy

The 90-minute event marked the official start of work on the National Security Strategy. In her speech, Foreign Minister Baerbock set out what the National Security Strategy is about:

And we are experiencing a longing that we have probably not felt for a long time, that my generation has perhaps never really felt: a longing for security. It is a deeply human longing – reflecting perhaps a need to secure, to affirm or assure, what we all jointly stand for: security for the freedom of our lives. And that is what our National Security Strategy is about.

Pillars of the planned security strategy

Foreign Minister Baerbock cited three points that will be essential to the security strategy:

  • Security for the invulnerability of our lives – first and foremost when it comes to violence and war.
  • Security for our freedom, the resilience of our democracy.
  • Security for the fundamental necessities of our lives, protection for our environment and resources.

“We will take a level-headed and pragmatic approach. Not with black-and-white categories, but with the courage to weigh competing factors and engage in debate. And with a clear moral compass in our hand,” emphasised the Minister.

Inclusive process: Outreach

The security strategy will be drawn up in a joint process involving different ministries within the Federal Government as well as the German Bundestag and many national and international partners.

For me, this is a participative process for the development of our strategy, but also the essence of what foreign policy means for me and the Federal Foreign Office together. Not just that we have dialogue between capitals, between ministers, but also between people. Because it is a question of human security. It is a question of the freedom of every individual – here where we are and worldwide.

said the Foreign Minister.


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