The Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation

09.03.2022 - Article

The United States and Canada are Germany’s closest allies outside Europe. Large areas of common interests, shared challenges and fundamental values form a bond between our democracies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Michael Link in front of the US Capitol
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The office of the Coordinator of German-American Cooperation was created in 1981, initially in parallel in Germany and the United States. The official title was later renamed in Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation in the Field of Intersocietal Relations, Cultural and Information Policy to include cooperation with Canada.

Michael Link has been responsible for transatlantic relations as Minister of State at the Foreign Office (2012 - 2013) and was Head OSCE observer at the US general elections in 2020.

He issued the following statement on 9 March 2022 following his appointment by the Federal Cabinet:

I am looking forward to my new role as Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation. Strengthening the transatlantic partnership, not least at the level of civil society and culture, is more important than ever. Together with the US and Canada, we must defend our values-based and rules-based international order and strengthen liberal democracies while tackling the challenges of the war against Ukraine with a resolute and united approach.

The Coordinator’s work focuses, among other things, on cooperation in science and research, current social policy issues such as demographic trends and the impact of new media, as well as contacts to Jewish organisations. The Coordinator supports networking between people in Germany and North America and seeks to build bridges between the partners.

You can find Michael Links curriculum vitae here.

Contact details

The Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation can be reached at the Federal Foreign Office as follows:
Postal address: Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation, Federal Foreign Office, 11013 Berlin

Curriculum vitae Michael Link

Michael Link has been Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation at the Federal Foreign Office since March 2022.

The Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation

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