Regional communication as a tool of diplomacy

The Regional German Information Centre Southeast Asia is being launched

The Regional German Information Centre Southeast Asia is being launched, © GIC Southeast Asia

02.02.2022 - Article

What does Twitter have to do with foreign policy? A great deal. After all, social media are key foreign policy channels and help shape Germany’s image abroad. Regional German Information Centres also use them. The Regional German Information Centre Southeast Asia is now being launched.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Social media are a mainstay of many people’s everyday lives. It is also impossible to imagine the world of diplomacy without such media, which are important channels for communicating information about Germany, shedding light on foreign policy focuses and getting into direct contact with the public in host countries. This is why the missions abroad are now handling their communications via over 300 channels. It is important in this regard that their communications are adapted to the respective countries with their specific culture and public discourse

Foreign policy communication via Regional German Information Centres ...

The Regional German Information Centres serve this foreign policy communication. Their remit is to provide up-to-date and fact-based information on Germany and German foreign policy in key regions. They are also tasked with countering disinformation and strengthening regional dialogue. Their work focuses on certain linguistic and cultural areas. Just under two million people have been following the current four Regional German Information Centres. A further centre will follow in the course of this year.

... and on the basis of thematic focuses

The target groups are multipliers, decision-makers from the world of politics, business and think tanks as well as the media. The latest information on political and economic developments in Germany is made available to them. In addition to this, thematic focuses are set on a regular basis to make possible in-depth communication on issues which are particularly important to Germany or German foreign policy – whether it be technological developments, climate change issue or equal opportunities.

Regional German Information Centres Africa (Pretoria and Dakar)

Regional German Information Centre Arab World 

Regional German Information Centre Spanish-Speaking Latin America

Regional German Information Centre Southeast Asia

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