Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock

    International Climate Policy

    German climate diplomacy

    The climate crisis is the global challenge of our time. We can only limit global warming if adaptation measures are taken globally. What role does diplomacy play in international cooperation on climate? What does climate diplomacy mean? How is climate change impacting global security?

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    Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine

    Germany provides substantial financial support – more than 14.2 billion euro to date – to people in Ukraine, and it stands firmly by their side, making available much more than just military equipment. Read on for more details about what Germany is doing to help.

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    National Security Strategy

    National Security Strategy

    Robust. Resilient. Sustainable. Integrated Security for Germany – This is the leitmotiv of Germany's first National Security Strategy

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    Feminist Foreign Policy

    What is feminist foreign policy?

    Feminist foreign policy is based on the conviction that gender equity and equal participation are preconditions for long-term peace and security in the world.

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